Don’t just “hang” on!


It’s early May. You walk through the doors of our greenhouse, and you see rows upon rows of beautifully blooming, unbelievably full (and almost perfectly) round hanging baskets perched above you. It is almost impossible to pick just one or two out of the vast selection. Why is it, as gardeners, we feel this is the only time the hanging basket will ever truly look its best? So many of us try to just “hang” on to it for as long as we can, until it looks too sad and overworked, then we throw it out. It doesn’t have to be that tragic! We can help you maintain your hanging basket all summer long, keeping it blooming, full of color and life, looking just as good as the day you brought it home!



No surprise, I know! A living plant has to actually be watered, but it is very easy to forget about your hanging baskets. Especially when we have those weeks where it rains every other day, so our container gardens and flower beds don’t need watered, but those hanging baskets that may be sheltered from the rain, they still need watered, and we forget! It happens to all of us! On the other hand, you don’t want to over water though either (I know, I know, make up our minds! But it is not as simple as saying, just water it!). You want the soil to be moist, but not soggy wet, so our advice to you is to water from the top until you have a steady stream flowing out of the bottom of your basket. That allows you to know that the water has reached from the top of the basket, to the bottom, and is soaking in all the water it needs, allowing any excess water to drain off. The size of your hanging basket and where it is hanging will determine how often you need to water it. You may be okay watering it every 2-3 days, or, in the heat of the summer, you may have to water it daily.



Plants are just like humans. Think how you feel if you miss your lunch break, and the work day runs late, by the end of the day, you are running out of energy. Plants get their nutrients from the soil just like we get nutrients from the food and drinks we consume. If the plant is constantly eating from the same soil, it eventually uses up all of the nutrients and start to suffer. That is why it is extremely important to fertilize your hanging basket. If you are using a water-soluble fertilizer (a powder form, usually blue in color, that you mix with water in your watering can), then you should feed your hanging basket about every 2-4 weeks for the most color and healthy, lush foliage. If you like to do things the easy way, then we suggest the “set it and forget it” slow release fertilizer. Add your slow release fertilizer to your hanging basket at the beginning of the season (how much you add will depend on the size of your hanging basket. The packaging always tells you how much for each size hanging basket.). What’s the next step you ask? Watch your basket grow and bloom beautifully through September! Yes, that simple!

Haircuts Too!

You didn’t know we had so much in common with hanging baskets, did you?! Trimming the ends of trailing plants, such as verbena, bacopa, and petunias, will encourage new growth and new blooms! Just a trim will do, and you will know when it is time. The ends will begin to look “sad” and your basket will seem as though it has stopped growing. Sometimes, just a simple trim is all your basket needs to get it going again!


No, it is not a proven fact that singing to your plants will benefit them at all- we just wanted to throw it in there for fun!  

GoodHarvestSupply Cone Basket

Hanging baskets are perfect for adding quick color, height, and shape to your porch or patio! We have a variety of colors, plants, shapes and sizes to choose from at Good Harvest Supply. The only limit is your imagination (Okay, and maybe your husband saying “No, enough plants already!”).

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