Jump Start Spring!

We are back for the 2015! Join us today for our Welcome Back Party! We are so excited that spring is finally here and we know just how to jump start your spring!

Many of us know the age old adage that you do not plant your summer flowers until Mother’s Day, right? Well, that’s not entirely true. You can start your spring planting right now! No, we are not telling you to go out, buy, and plant all of your geraniums right this second, but we are here to tell you that your spring garden doesn’t have to be empty!


Pansies and Violas

Pansies and violas are beautiful early spring plants that love the cool weather! Their smiling faces are there to greet the spring sunshine and brighten up your home! And as long as though pansies and violas have been outside for a week or two, you don’t have to worry about them if we get a bit of freezing weather overnight, they will be just fine! What could be better than seeing an array of reds, yellows, white, blues, and purples greeting you every day as you walk by your flower beds?


A blooming anemone!

A blooming anemone!


Cold Tolerant Plants

Our cold tolerant plants have been grown and hardened off right here in our greenhouse so that when you take them home, they can take temperatures down into the 20’s (Brrr!). NOW is the time to plant and enjoy these cold tolerant beauties! Cold tolerant plants are also a perfect way to add spring color to your porch by creating a cold tolerant planter. We all know container gardening is a popular trend right now, but you don’t have to limit it to summer annuals, fall mums and pumpkins, and vegetables. Start your container gardening early! Create gorgeous cold tolerant planters by combining plants such as swiss chard, nemesia, diascia, sweet alyssum, dinosaur kale, parsley, bacopa, anemones and ranunculus (just to name a few!) in a bright and bold, eye-catching container. Stick a few twigs of pussy willow or curly willow in it, and you have a masterpiece! Proudly display it on your front porch and wait to see how long it takes for your neighbors to start talking!



Looking for a houseplant to add a splash of spring color to your indoors? Try a primrose! The lush green leaves are the perfect backdrop to the bright and brilliant colored blooms of a primrose. And their fragrance is a natural scent sure to fill your home and please your senses!


And what better way to jump start spring then to come into the warmth of our greenhouse, stroll through all of our wonderful cold tolerant flowers, and start dreaming of days full of sunshine, planting, watering, and sitting in our gardens, relaxing and taking in nature’s beauty!

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