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Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a term that is used a lot in the agricultural business, but sometimes we forget that not everyone knows what a CSA is. We are here to provide you with exactly that! What is Community Supported Agriculture, what are the benefits, and why CSA may or may not be for you!

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture brings together individuals and families, farmers, and agricultural land in a yearly commitment to each other. In our CSA, members purchase a share of our harvest at the beginning of the year for a fee that covers our production cost. In return, the member receives a weekly share of the harvest during our growing season. This partnership between individuals and families in the community, and farmers, creates agriculture-supported communities where CSA members benefit from receiving a variety of produce harvested at its peak for flavor, ripeness, and the best nutritional value!

What are the benefits to being a part of a CSA?

We grow our tomatoes in high tunnels, which allow us to plant them and harvest them much earlier in the season compared to other local sources.

We grow our tomatoes in high tunnels, which allow us to plant them and harvest them much earlier in the season compared to other local sources.

A CSA provides its members with high quality produce, while providing the farm a guaranteed outlet at a fair return. By being a part of our CSA, you are supporting our sustainable farm practices, such as low to no chemical inputs (Find out more about sustainable farming here, and look for a future blog post on how we practice sustainable farming at Good Harvest!). With a CSA, all of the food dollars spent are staying right here, in the local community. As a member, you have the added comfort of knowing exactly where your produce comes from and how it is grown. For many of our members, just visiting the farm, entering our beautiful greenhouse, and chatting with our friendly staff can be a stress reliever and that is a great health benefit as well! It is also a WONDERFUL way to introduce children to eating healthy and teaching them how their food is grown! Many members enjoy the recipes we provide each week as well because it tempts them to try something different and out of the box!

Think a CSA is right for you?

Do you desire natural, locally grown, farm-fresh produce? Then a CSA might be for you! If you and your family enjoy cooking and have to time to prepare dishes from scratch, and are willing to experiment with new ingredients, then we feel confident that you would love to be a part of a CSA! As a CSA member, you have to be willing to eat seasonally, like enjoying a lot of salads in the early spring, because there is not a selection of shipped in produce such as in a grocery store! Also, if you enjoy preserving produce for homegrown goodness during the winter months, a CSA might be exactly what you need!  

Caution: Why a CSA may not be for you…


If you are a picky eater or not interested in trying new things, a CSA may not be for you. In our CSA, our members receive the produce that is the most plentiful and of the highest quality that week. This may mean receiving uncommon varieties, such as lemon cucumbers, golden beets, or leeks,  or an overabundance of certain produce items such as tomatoes or sweet corn.

How does our CSA work?

Every week, our members come to one of two pick up locations to receive their share. We have both a full share and a half share available and our shares include both vegetables and fruits, when in season. Our program runs from May through October for about 22 weeks. The shares are prepackaged and ready for pick up when you arrive, saving you time! Read more about our CSA program here.


Community Supported Agriculture is gaining in popularity! We don’t want you to miss out on all the farm-fresh, local produce available to you within your own community! CSA is about family and fun, about learning, about seasons, ecology , and health, and most importantly, CSA is about you and our community! We are proud to serve our community with some of the best produce around! (Our sweet corn receives rave reviews every year!)

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