Surviving Winter!

It’s the beginning of February, but it feels like winter has been going on for far too long now! (I know, I know, at least this winter hasn’t been as bad as last winter, but just how many of us are ready for the warmth and sunshine of a beautiful spring day? I know I cannot be alone!)

We are sure you are longing to see a beautiful, bright and colorful flower bloom in your flower bed or to see your gorgeous planter growing day by day, full of surprises, on your deck! So, how can you survive the winter? Well, start by thinking happy thoughts: Spring is only 6 weeks or 43 days away!


If that isn’t quite filling your garden fix, or free time, then we have a few other ideas for you!

Try a new hobby this winter. One that is a “winter only” hobby.

Over the last year, 2014, many of you took part in our Painting in the Garden classes. Why not try painting in your home this winter? Paint pictures of beautiful flowers, brilliant landscapes, cute little furry bunnies- whatever makes you happy! We feel that if you love gardening and are good at it, then you must have a bit of creativity in your hands! Sure, it may not be exactly like gardening, but it sure will fill that free time and you never know, you may find a new hidden talent within you! Don’t thinking painting will do the trick? Try knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, or maybe now is the time for you to build something! Looking to replace that birdhouse this spring? Try building your own unique birdhouse! Or repurpose that old milk jug into a beautiful planter for your spring flowers. Whatever you try, don’t be afraid! Dive right in and see what happens! You might be surprised! Another great winter hobby…

Gardening Indoors!

Still looking for your fill of dirt beneath your finger nails and watering the plants? Try gardening indoors! Create a terrarium, design a fairy garden, or grow succulents. You can even force paperwhites and hyacinth bulbs indoors!

Plan your garden for spring!

Okay, so maybe you read over the first idea and thought “No way! I don’t begin to have that creativity! (Not true! I believe everyone has creativity within them, you just have to let go of control and not be afraid to mess up. Sometimes, our mess ups turn out to be beautiful pieces of art!)”. So, plan your spring garden! We already know that you can’t stop thinking about spring and gardening, so put those thoughts to good use! Draw out your landscape and think about how you might change it this year. Start planning your vegetable garden and think about what new vegetables you might try growing. Have a problem area? Look at what has worked and what hasn’t- now is the time to do a little research and ask questions! Didn’t like the design you came up with last year for that container on your deck? Now is the time to think about how you might change it! Loved your container garden? Now is the time to dig through everything in your house, trying to find those plant tags so that you remember what was in it and what to purchase this year!

We use this time to decide on the layout of the garden center. Do the same with your garden and landscape!

We use this time to decide on the layout of the garden center. Do the same with your garden and landscape!

Get on the internet!

You are already on the internet to read this, why not continue a little further. Look at, and maybe even, join a gardening forum. Pin until your heart is content on Pinterest ( That is right, we have started using Pinterest!). And there are a lot of great resources out there for designing a container garden, just start searching!

Whatever you decide to do, just know you are not alone! There are a lot of us gardening nuts that cannot wait for spring to arrive! Just remember, only 6 more weeks!

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